2023 SoCalCoDA Conference Recordings - It's A Journey, Not a Destination: Are We There Yet?

Friday Speaker - 25 Years - Jackie
Coping With the Bumps in the Road - Susan and Cathy

"Coping" Handout
Going From Fixing Myself to Finding Myself - Mel

"Finding" Handout
Dancing in the Mirror - Gentle and Loving Approach to Working Steps 4-5 - Julie

"Dancing in the Mirror" Handout
Saturday Speaker - Theres No Shortcut to Getting There Faster - Joe

"Speaker" Notes
How Do We See Progress - Helen

"Progress" Presentation
LGBTQIA+ in Recovery Panel - Ariel, Karen, Dwayne, Aaron, Mannie
The Good The Bad and The Ugly of Conflict Resolution - Maria
Connecting With Your Higher Power - J.W.

"Connecting" Handout | "Connecting" Presentation